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Rabbits, May 16th

Despite the smoke the Rabbits were able to adapt and enjoy a beautiful day of forest school. We slowed down our movements; we took time to tell stories; we looked for new growth and foraged to identify edible/medicinal & invasive plants. We journeyed to the top of the bluff at a pace that was comfortable for everyone. To slow us down we practiced balancing golf balls on spoons as we walked. We took moments to talk about the smoke, how it felt and what it looked like. It was a day for contemplation and reflection as we gazed out over the bluff. We were fortunate to witness a raven being chased by first there were only two magpies until they called for more and we watched as the raven dodged the attacks of 6 or more magpies. We contemplated if there was a 'bad guy' in the scenario. We questioned how we felt about birds stealing other birds eggs. We watched in a little bit of awe as the magpies drove the raven off. We also noticed that all the birds seemed to be flying a little erratic in the heavy winds.

We hiked to the tear drop where we stopped again to tell stories. Creepy stories seemed to be the biggest hit. We also tried out an authentic boomerang, which although the wind helped to bring back we realized would take practice and skill to master.

We headed down to the cabin via the rope climb. It was fun to seek it out from on top of the bluff. It was a bit of a challenge to orientate ourselves and find it. As we scrambled down the tight trails and through the spring foliage we talked about balance and to go closer to the ground if feeling nervous about the height of the narrow trail. We pretended we were in Jurassic park. A game that was fully embraced by the class as we ventured through the trees. Setting up the rope, we climbed down and headed indoors to the cabin where we took up an embroidery project and planned what we would like to do for our last five classes of the year!

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