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Rabbits, March 21st

The Coyotes joined us at the beginning of class to teach us Rugby! They taught us how to handle the ball, how to pass, deek and dodge, the rules of play and of course how to tackle. The Rabbits jumped in with full enthusiasm. We split into two teams with the Coyotes and Rabbits forming a Rabbits team and a Crappieboras team. Along with the game we worked on team chants and stoking up excitement.

The Rabbits caught the rugby bug and there was much discussion about future games, training protocols and a proposed match against the owls. We are working on our team name and revisit it after spring break.

After an energetic morning we gathered together to tell Ms. Rikia all about the Coyote sighting from the week before. This led to a question game to discover what we already know about Coyotes. Pairing off into groups we discussed whether coyotes were nocturnal, what is an omnivore, how coyotes travel and much more. During the discussions the Rabbits also started to notice the signs of shoots of green grass! To tie up our discussion we had a special visit from Mrs. Jessie and Ash, who are experts in Coyotes. We had a lively discussion about Coyotes and Mrs. Jessie wrapped up with a tail about how Coyote brought fire to people during a cold winter.

Wrapping up the day we practiced being penguins on the ice and made an ice train!

We hope you all have a wonderful Spring Break and see you on April 4th!

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