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Rabbits, Jan 25

Our morning started with a fire buffet! There was a variety of different items that could be lit with a match. Every Rabbit had their own tin to try and lit items in, and they could only progress to the next item once they had lit the previous one. This tested each of their individual fire knowledge and match lighting since often we do fire in pairs or groups. Ask your Rabbit which item was easiest to lit verse hard or which on surprised them. We saw lots of "ah ha" moments as they found ways to best lit each item.

With such an icy pathway we decided to build and compete in stuffie sled building. Trying to slid our stuffie the farthest without them falling off. We had some very creative approaches and found that although the slipperiest material was great it was hard to keep the stuffies on! Ask your Rabbit which sled they made?

During free time there was lots of collecting for and building of the Tuscan Raiders camp and base, we even made mini prototypes of the Gaffi stick. For sit spot the Rabbits continued to build on their mini animal homes this time adding a creature comfort like a bed. Ask your Rabbit what they added to their animals home?

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