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Rabbits, April 5

As requested by the children last week, we explored decorating eggs with natural dyes, and a treasure hunt created by the children themselves! When asked how they wanted to direct the others to their treasure, I was expecting 'a map', but they responded with, 'Riddles!' So riddles it was!

One exploration we are beginning is the drawing of animals. Soon we will take their chosen animal and begin to tell a group story about them all, as we are also exploring the idea of inclusion and what that means in play. Using a large canvas, and storytelling techniques, we will shape this story to include all the personalities of their animals, and see what adventures they get up to.

In their free exploring time, there is a large animal theme, with the children embodying the animals, and discussions about look, patterns and habitat. They are working out leadership styles and how to find room for everyone in the play, and also how to let people know when they want exclusive time with friends.

Ask your Rabbit:

-what animal are they during free time, up the hill?

-what is your favourite animal that you have drawn so far?

-what animal should we have in our forests in Canada?

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