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Rabbits, 24 May

Rabbits made a salad of edible plants on the Bluff today. Comprised of alfalfa, creeping bell and dandelion leaves and petals, along with some cherry tomatoes and some dressing, these salads were delightfully created by the kids.. we even had a team of salad makers with a song and names from themselves as they harvested and prepared their salads.

Ask your child what they thought of the flavour... maybe ask them to make you a salad with these inge

Our blacksmith forge (workshop) continued into today's class with metal weapons and staffs being created... at the end of class these became rhythmic musical instruments!

We enjoyed a sit spot in nature weaving yarn between tree sticks, developing dextrous skill and coordination.

Our animal story reached a narrative pinnacle today with plots, dialogue, a title and an ending being agreed upon. This collaborative project with its large canvass illustration is a project the children have worked collaboratively on over the past few weeks, this week it will culminate in the creation of a printed story we can share and be proud of .

Ask your child how their animal escapes from the zoo, what animal it partners with to achieve this and what its strengths and weaknesses are and how they contribute to the story?

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