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Rabbits, 23 Nov

Rabbits took on games with gusto and worked on their totem carvings today. A triangle tension game was a great test of strength. A version of a cops and robbers game, stealing pine cones with cops doing stop-&-searches, saw some very clever strategies with decoys and hiding systems. Games are an excellent way to cultivate teamwork, support critical thinking through strategy and give children a chance to step into leadership roles, express their ideas and feel immediately rewarded for their efforts. The fun in competition allows children to experience winning and losing in small doses that builds confidence and reduces fear of failure; essential for the risk taking mindset required for all learning.

We continued working on our totem carvings and finished reading "I am Raven"; an Indigenous story about the significance of totem animals and animal symbology. This activity showed us the confidence with carving skills in the group and the willingness to take on unique projects as each child worked diligently to carve their totem. Many used images of Indigenous totem poles to inform their design and approach.

To reflect upon our class and create space for more interpersonal communication among peers we shared another debriefing exercise, using dice and a list of tailored questions to learn about our partner. The children seem to relish this activity and we are noticing this and other similar activities supporting relationship development with everyone in the group, something which shows up in the way they play.

A tree fort with leaders and rules emerged today. The whole class played together in this space and within the same game. Observing the ways they organised themselves and utilised the tree, tree ladder and lateral branches was fascinating and showed us that they are a cohesive class that plays richly together.

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