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Owls, September 15

We are so pleased to see these Owls coming together; this class began with a mix of Rabbits, Burrowing Owls and Owls from last year, and we are pleased to say that we are morphing into a new, cohesive group of just 'Owls'!

In order to facilitate and grow this, we organized a real life way communication challenge. After having learned a bit about different styles of decision making (autocratic, the moose: one person will tell us what to do; democratic, the owl; we vote; consensus, the mountain goat; we don't make a decision until everyone is on board) we offered them the chance to either eat chocolate or Doritos, but it had to be decided by consensus. Some important learnings: consensus takes time, consensus involves a lot of listening and asking of questions, and it takes a certain mindset for it to work. We will be using this language as we explore decision making, our own boundaries, and a flexible mind in the future!

A game of Wasp Vs. Bees also had the whole class come together against the teachers, another way to build unity among the Owls. Ask them what their strategy was!

During free play, metal and chill time were very important. Some are using the concrete structures to bend metal, which we discovered became very hot. Some are using Quinn's hammock for t-time (thanks Quinn!) and others are working on wheels, trying to build their own skateboard.

Some questions to ask your Owl:

-what is t-time, and how do you feel about it?

-what would you like to do with your metal next week, if anything?

-is there a new person you are playing with that you didn't last year?

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