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Owls, Sept 9

Ms Dawn and Ms Lea got to know this group of Owls very quickly - they are energetic, open and love to chat!

We loved how they took the exploration of the sense of smell to the next level. With smells we brought, they had to create a language to lead their partner to a spot where they had hidden an item. They soon were finding their own smells (better smells, they said) in nature, and did it all again with their new finds. This class is going to learn and explore so much with their quick thinking and initiative!

We enjoyed their enthusiasm for a new fort, which involved hauling logs up a very steep hill in the heat! We explored the tool circle, and created our journals, which has an inquiry question in it for further study! Remember, keep asking 'how' or 'why' until you can't anymore! Inquiring minds want to know!

Connection Questions:

What smells did you find in nature, and how did you use them? Do you think trees talk to each other? If no, why not? What do you think the fort needs? Who said or did something funny today?

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