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Owls, Sept 30

Three things seemed to invigorate our Owls today; the opening games ('Covid', Card Tag), the discussion on Every Child Matters, and the play they are writing and performing. During our sit spot time, we read a book about finding the perfect rock; we then took time to do just that, as the book advised. After we found our rock, we wrapped it up to carry with us during the week. Please bring the rock back next week where we will brainstorm on a group 'project' to honour the children from residential schools. We discovered we all felt the same about remembering the children during our debrief time; we want to, but we're not totally sure how to do it. We will figure this out together! Bring your ideas next week for how we could publicly remember the children, somewhere and somehow in our Forest School space.

Lastly, the play the children are creating is so impressive; once they feel it is finished, we will invite you to come and see it!

Ask your child: what team they were on during Card Tag, and how that felt! What ideas they have for remembering with the group and the people who use our space the children who experienced residential schools.

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