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Owls, Sept 16

Today I saw a theme of perseverance. Here's where I saw that!

In the morning, we played an excellent running/hide and seek game. Everyone gave it their very best and made multiple laps! The group got engaged in making bow and arrows; from finding the right wood to giving it the right tension, there were good spirits as they snapped and had to be restarted. At lunch time, Lucy had the Herculean task of teaching us how to do string games with our fingers. She was exceedingly patient with us, and I saw the children giving themselves grace as they 'failed' and tried again and again. Thank you Lucy!

The beginnings of an act of theatre was begun in the afternoon, which is planned on being carried out the next week! We look forward to this creative act!

Our question about plants communicating was well researched; we discussed plants using their roots, with the help of mushrooms, to talk with each other. We're still not sure how they use the roots and mushrooms - any ideas? We learned about trees communicating chemically on the wind; can they only communicate danger, or are there other messages they can send? Can plants use sounds that we can't hear to talk to each other, like dogs? We love these questions!

I, Lea, will be away next week for a funeral in Ontario. To the cheers of everyone, Ms Jessie will be there with Ms Dawn to entertain and chase! Have a wonderful week!

Connection Questions:

-What was your role in the sword fight?

-What question do you have about trees and communication?

-Which game was easier, and why? The telephone game with words, or the telephone game with rhythms. Try them with your family!

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