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Owls, October 26th

Winter is here and we couldn't be more excited! Everything is different in the snow. Old games become new again, bush craft and survival skills adapt and once again we can wrestle!

The day started with two of the Owls favourite games: the Moose Game and Fox Tails. Once we were warm and limber the Owls split off into groups of two & threes to make an obstacle. They were given a selection of loose parts from ropes, hoola-hoops and tarps. The obstacles were spectacular and true challenges. This cumulated into a running of all the obstacles after each group presented their own. We had a belly-sled ride, a swing over logs to pulling yourself down and up a rope while standing on a wooden board, a 'death-defying' tree climb and lowering yourself into a hoola-hoop (which turned into a moose stuffy toss), a spider web crawl and hoisting logs over and back over a 7 foot goal.

After the obstacles we had a quick wrestling tutorial and paired off into matches. Leading into free time where some continued to wrestle, some spent more time on their obstacles, some chipped ice from the pathway and dreamed of making snow cones and of course everyone had a go at tobogganing.

We hit up the cabin to warm up and have lunch. While there we learned about the Plains Cree game Double-Ball. This brought some giggles amongst the Owls. We made the double-balls for the game and headed out to find sticks. Ask your Owl about the game and who were the original players. While collecting sticks in the bike track Hazel introduced us to the art of peeling ice off leaves. This made for a tasty treat and a meditative exercise that calmed the Owls and made them notice all the intricate details of the icy leaves.We headed back to the pathway where Dez made Oat-Nog slushies and we practiced throwing Double Balls with our found sticks. The rest of the afternoon was spent learning Double Ball and a few more sleds down the path. We ended the day with a game of Bat and Moth that lead to a blindfolded sit spot.

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