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Coyotes, October 18: The Cave!

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

We were so thrilled with our adventures at the Heart Creek Bunker! We used the experience of being in the dark as a 'risk experience', one that might have taken the group beyond their normal comfort zone. Ask your Coyote if that was the case!

Let's hear from Ellie how her experience was on the hike!

"Hi! Today it’s Ellie writing the blog. This week, we went on an exciting field trip the Heart Creek Bunker trail in Kananaskis. On the way to the trail head there were beautiful views of the mountains. It started out with a 2 km walk to the cave. Along the left side there was a steep mountain wall.

I was surprised by the gigantic size of the cave! Someone had written the word HELP on one of the walls and there were other pictures too. After exploring, we played a game called Bats and Moths which reminded me of the old game Marco Polo except the Bat had to tag you in the dark. I, personally, loved the dark! There were lots of flashlights and headlamps. Vita told a spooky story to scare us all. Katie suggested a game of flashlight tag which was fun. The only wildlife I saw was a huge pile of Daddy Long Legs huddled together hibernating on a rock. It was cool and gross at the same time!

I loved this field trip and want to go on this hike and visit the cave again.

That’s it for Ellie!"

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