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Owls, Oct 21

What an incredible day! The Owls know how to make the most of a hot fall day.

We started with Card Tag so Emery got to fulfill her goal from last week and then tried a few challenges. Ask your child what was the best way to "Steal the Bacon." Did they work alone or was it easier to follow a team strategy?

The play production continued with costume and prop making in the morning, enabling the first dress rehearsal to happen in free-time in the afternoon. There were some ingenious and elegant designs created from a limited selection of materials. The group is so patient with each other; some people had to wait a while before they could get help to be sewn into a costume and others faced challenges with the material not staying in the right place. Everyone was calm and helped each other.

Vita is teaching us how to chain crochet and to "crochet the crochet". Today we started making orange chains to create an art piece near the pathway to spark conversation about the children and their families who are affected by the residential school system. This is one of the actions the Owls chose to take on Orange Shirt Day. Ask your child how they envision the art and what conversations they hope to spark by siting it in a public space.

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