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Owls, Oct 17

Every one of these pictures tells a story, and each story tells of a depth of learning that is particular to outdoor learning and Forest School! From team building games and challenges, to working with our hands, to completing personal challenges and goals, to telling our stories at the end of the day, the rituals and flow of the Owls class are a privilege to be a part of! We each made a bead for our string of beads we are working on during our Chill Time (Sit Spot), for most their most precious bead on the string! At the end of the day, Ms. Jessie leads us in choosing a rock with a picture on it that tells a bit about our day, whether it's an emotion or an activity we were involved in. We are practiced in listening to others' stories, and recognizing and telling our own. Your Owls can explain the games you see pictured here!

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