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Owls, Nov 21

Our themes today included:

communication: we practiced non-verbal communication (Etienne in the picture above), the way a wolf pack might use their tail to communicate. The children found this easier, in some instances, than verbal.

sliding: a new sliding hill was discovered, and going penguin style was incredibly fast!

sled building: a sled is being built that will fit the whole class. The first draft was constructed, and it will be improved upon and continued next week!

snowpeople: after lunch, the class spontaneouly slid down a hill to construct two snowpeople, making group decisions as important as how many belly buttons it needed and which eyes to use.

carving: in our Chill Time, candles were used, as well as crayons, to carve to our heart's content. Well, we could always use more time, but we are improving on the amount of time we are comfortable being alone in!

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