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Owls, Nov 17

First of all, thank you for the firewood! We will use it over the next few months!

Our morning was a mix of playing games to stay warm, including an obstacle course set up by our students Quynh and Samira, and a trip to the bike track! The highlight for me was seeing all the children attempt a sledding trip using a found material - have a look!

Quinn taught us about drawing at lunch time - ask your Owl to draw you a mushroom!

Our fire in the park was a success; one team focussed on collecting tinder, one made kindling and one split firewood for us - we had all the fuel ready before we started our fire. Each group then attempted to light their own fire to add to the large fire. The ones that were not successful later tried again to get it going, making their own supply of fuel. This tenacity is such a good trait to have when learning a skill!

We enjoyed a snack of apples and brown sugar/cinnamon. Some brought their own s'mores to share, which we appreciate, but not everyone could have! The teachers are happy to provide campfire snacks for the group, and the Owls can save their smore kits for their own campfires at home...thank you!

The ice was a big attraction - we'll plan for a skating day in the future, when the time is right!

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