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Owls, May 6


- Lots and lots of knots!

- Competitive knot games!

- Group games and running club

- Spoon carving

- Learned a new beading technique for sit spot!

Skills embraced:

- Learning a two new knots, frying pan knot (sheep bend) and hand cuff knot

-Learning to tie out favorite knot, the Bowling, one handed! When we learn knots we also learn lots of other things, like how each of us learns best, watching, doing, word tricks ect who has a knack for knots and which knots come easy for different people. We added in a little competitive knot activity and everyone did great!

- Some of our group games, challenged the owls physically like in hopscotch, or mentally like mine field or word games having them think outside the box.

- During running club the owls challenged themselves but also cheered each other on, and both won and loss with grace.

Connection questions

Which knot is your favorite so far? Do knots come easy to you or do you have to practice lots? Which type of challenge do you enjoy most, a physical one or a mental one?

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