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Owls, May 4

We are excited to announce the next stage in our metropolis...the Market! You are invited, on May 18th at 2:00 pm, to come and shop at our Market! We are preparing handmade goods, and using the plants on the Bluff (as much as we can!) in our wares. The proceeds will be used on an Owls field trip!

Today we mapped where we can find certain plants, and discovered some new ones. Not all are edible! In looking through some edible plant books, we picked out some recipes we will try next week. Some of the fauna will make an appearance in our Market as well!

We are also learning about the Honorable Harvest, a way of harvesting plants used by some Indigenous groups. In Braiding Sweetgrass, there are a few guiding principles that we have adopted, including listening to the plants with both sides of our brain.

It was also Quinn's last day today, and we were sad to see her go! We wish her all the best in her other activities!

Ask your Owl...

  • what is one idea from the Honourable Harvest that you remember

  • what is your favourite plant to eat, and where can you find it?

  • what is your technique for staying on the slack line?

  • what question did you have for a plant today?

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