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Owls, March 3

First of all, a huge thank you to all of you who made the trek out to Bragg Creek! It was so worth it, thank you for your efforts! The carpoolers also had a good time chatting in the car - thanks for arranging that!

Here are some ways our field trip changed how we played:

  • the game! During our game (a version of 'cops and robbers', which we also played at Fish Creek park), we experienced a completely different terrain. We had to manage all the branches in our faces, the logs on the ground, and the deep snow. Leaping, jumping, ducking, squatting, high step running...these new moves became a part of our physical literacy!

  • some of us were exposed to new animals, in an up close and personal way! While some of us were nervous about picking up the chickens, every single one of us did, many times! We were all comfortable farmers by the end of our chicken visit. The horses were very gentle and willing to meet us for some grass; we marveled at their long hair and how tall they were! Well, not the pony - he got admired for his cuteness!

  • deer stalking; although we hoped we could use a real deer in our game, we used Lucy instead! The thicker brush, hillocky terrain and deeper snow gave us more to work with in our creeping and stalking game, a game of camouflage, strategy and quiet. We bring these skills back with us to our forest!

  • skills: in order to cook our hotdogs, we needed fire, and the challenge was to start a no-match fire! With tinder and flint and steel, and some chopping down trees, we were successful! Soon, we had a roaring fire where spider dogs were enjoyed by all!

Some questions for discussion!

Ask your child:

* what does "There are chairs, in the pond" mean?

* what did you enjoy playing on in their yard?

* what did you learn about someone else in your class that day?

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