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Owls, March 23

The Owls were very happy to stay outside the whole day on the Bluff ! They are returning to some of the activities they were deep into in the fall; the Quinling Panda shop is back! There are a few natural items that they found for their shop, surprising even them, I think, about the many varieties of flora on the bluff, in early spring!

The focus today was communication and unity. Our group challenges forced us to let go of some things (trying to win all the time!), learn new skills (following directions while blindfolded) and be there for each other (once we've had a trun on the walking on the air, we stick around so other people can have a turn!). This helped prepare us for a conversation about including everyone, and what being a family looks like. I am proud of how they are growing into this!

Ask your Owl:

  • can you tell me about the braiding you did during Sit Spot?

  • what was harder during Walking on Air; doing the walking or holding the stick? Why?

  • What is your part in the shop on the hill?

  • If you had a store in the Forest School City, or a place of business, what would it be?

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