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Owls, June 2

The Owls have their boat designs completed and they know what materials they need for their construction next week at Lake Bonavista. Most of the designs are in journals so the Owls can show you what they have planned. We were making paddles the forest school way based on the real paddles that we had with us. There's a lot of things to bring for our trip to the lake so we asked the children to take their paddles home and bring them with them on our fieldtrip.

Thank you to Safiya for teaching us the beginnings of felting Baby Yoda and to Maryam who was always one step ahead so she could show us what the felt was meant to look like. Thank you to Emery for showing us a variety of stretches to help us become more bendy and maybe we'll be able to do the splits one day!

Connecting Questions

- How well do you think your paddle will work?

- What were the memories you wrote or drew in your end of year journal?

- What memories of other people do you have that you can share in their journals?

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