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Owls, Jan 20

The Owls are a bunch of kids who find a way to include the whole group in their play or the challenges we set for them. Ideas for play come easily for them and everyone's enthusiasm and willingness to give things a try brings the group together. They are a fun group to be with all day.

In free time a rope swing was hung in the tree and quickly became an instrument of "torture" as someone was hung up by their feet, off the ground, until they were ready to confess, which was the signal to be let down. Everyone was involved and willing to switch roles and wait for their own turn. The Owls keenness to include everyone even extended to pulling Miss Dawn upside down. It was a calming way to see the forest until too much blood went to my head! Another play opportunity came as the slack line was being set up. Not everyone can help to do this so some decided to make a teeter-totter from a large log wedged in between two trees. They encouraged everyone to jump on and at one point everyone was on here singing and trying not to fall off!

Connecting Questions:

- What struggles and successes did you have completing the fire challenge (burning through the string & disposing of the ashes)?

- How do you think you helped Miss Lea or Miss Dawn during the first aid challenge? What did you do?

- For next week, think about what animal you would like to be in the deer stalking game. What advantage would you give yourself and what would be the action to go with it?

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