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Owls, Apr 21

Football, football, football - on a snowy pitch!

Once again Mountain Ash took on the Blueberries trying a game with more emphasis on passing to build points. The more passes a team achieved the more points they scored. We started with No-Rules Football but every week as the game changes the group are discussing and implementing agreed upon rules. This week we encountered penalties against both teams and were deciding what was fair and just. Could another person take the penalty for the original person? Was it right to make someone sit out or was it better if they were on the field with their team but couldn't tackle?

The play is coming along and we can tell the Owls are practicing their lines at home. We were working on projecting voices so the audience can hear and positioning on the stage so the audience can see everything going on. Prop making was very creative - it is amazing what can be made from cardboard!

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