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Nuthatches, Oct 18

We had a great first class of Nuthatches!

On the way up we noticed our space by matching the colors we found with paint swatches. We found lots of browns and yellows but also red and blue! Once we got to our spot we played games and challenges. We took turns being Mr. Wolf and agreeing on new rules or additions to the game. There was lots of discussion about adding to the spider web, and how we could make it harder or easier. The nuthatches cheered each other on as the levels got harder and harder! Some of the Nuthatches spent time in the tool circle or crafting a forest bat.

Next class we will play many more games, challenges and continue getting to know our spot and each other !

Connection questions:

Which challenge did you like more, the jumping floor is lava, or the electric spider web?

Did you add extra ropes to the spider web or find special ways through it?

Which tools did you use in the tool circle?

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