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Nuthatches, Nov 29

We welcomed a new student today and the Nuthatches were very excited to show him the fort we have been working on! After attaching our new and very colorful mail box the nuthatches worked on making mail, using cardboard, leaves and nails to construct envelopes and letters. Since it was such a beautiful day we used the tools lots, showing our new friend how different tools work. The rasps and files are especially popular as we have been removing back to paint or make our wands smooth. The nuthatches are great at asking for turns and sharing the more popular tools like the hand drill or saws. Ask your Nuthatch if they made mail for the mail box? If they used the hand drill? was it tricky?

During free play nuthatches all started a game of chase/cops and robbers, it was a great game to included in our new friend in and to burn off the remaining energy. The nuthatches have been improving at listening to each other ideas and creating games based on everyone's ideas and interests. Ask your Nuthatch if they were the "bad" or "good" guy and if they every got put in jail?

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