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Nuthatches, June 13

In the words of the Nuthatches, last Mondays class was a true adventure! The rain hadn't started falling at the beginning of class and we went to look at our old bird watching spot. The Nuthatches were amazed with how different the area looked now that it was lush with tall green grasses, shrubs, berry bushes and even mushrooms! We spent quite a bit of time exploring the area to make note of the differences from the winter. We headed up to our regular spot to find a mysterious tarp (left by Ms. Lea) already set up for us and settled in to paint in the rain. We used different types of paint and markers and tried them on paper, fabric and coffee filters. Splattering paint on the big hanging paper was by far the most popular. We started to set up to make exploding mud muffins, but the storm was getting closer so we decided to pack up and head to the cabin. The Nuthatches were amazing at listening and sticking together as a group. We made our way down the hill and sheltered in the bike park momentarily. We learned how to count between lightning flashes and thunder. We listened to the different sounds of the rain and made up a song called Pitter Patter. Once the storm let up a little we headed the rest of the way to the cabin and after taking off our outerwear we settled down for some candy cane tea and shared our thoughts on our adventure.

You may want to ask your child what they thought about the storm, how they felt when they were walking in the rain, how they felt once they got to the cabin. You can also ask about the transformation of the bird watching spot.

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