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Grey Squirrels, Sept 14

Our day started climbing in the tree which you see us disappear in to at drop-off. What an amazing climbing tree whose branches welcome us to all different heights each to where we are comfortable. Maybe our tree friend can be given a name!

When the time was right we ventured up to our spot finding picture rocks on the way. It was lovely to hear the Squirrels counting how many rocks they had collected compared to their friends and sharing easily between each other so everyone had the same number. There were conversations about what pictures were on the rocks. This led us to story time. We used the rocks and our imaginations to create an intricate story.

After reading about "Old Rock (is not boring)" and how he has seen and done many things through time, surprising his friends who thought he just sat there and must be bored, the Squirrels drew in their journals what they believed their rock had experienced. There were rocks shooting out of volcanoes, rocks rolling down hills (maybe inspired by the local landslide) and one unfortunate rock being pooped on!

A fantastic day of imagination, creativity and connections!

Connecting Questions:

What adventures did you have with your stuffy?

What did we try to make in the tool circle? Were there problems to think around?

Where did you climb in the tree?

Do you remember part of the rock story we created?

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