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Grey Squirrels, Feb 15

Foxtail was a new game for today and one we'll play again. It's a moving, dodging game where everyone is trying to grab each others' tail and take it from them. We learned quickly that we need to keep moving to save our tails and to watch for people getting too close and surprising us. It was fun!

In the tool circle Ms Jessie showed us a cute snake she had carved. Some of us chose to make our own snakes and others decided to make a weapon. We used knives, saws and sandpaper to smooth the wood.

We were happy to get a letter from Ms Megan in Australia who is having a good time with her family. She has seen lots of Australian animals up close and shared photos and video with us.

Connecting Questions

- How did you grab tails in the game? Being sneaky? Fast? Surprising people?

- What animals has Ms Megan seen?

- How easy was it to set the pulley's up in the tree?


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