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Grey Squirrels, Apr 12

We headed up to the top of the bluff at the beginning of class to continue creating our giant map. Having recapped the main compass points we looked at a map of Calgary to identify where Forest School is located and to recognise some of the features on a map, blue indicates water, green for parks, gridlines for the streets. The Grey Squirrels drew a picture of their houses and we added these to the map in the right city quadrant.

The Squirrels are quick to roll down the hill back to our spot and the rest of class was spent playing on the big shelter tree at our spot. It was strenuous play. Some were mountaineers climbing up and abseiling down, some were testing the physics of swinging and balancing in the tree. All of the children were able to go slightly beyond the limit of what they thought they could do and feel good about themselves for doing so.

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