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Grey Squirrels, 29 Mar

The Squirrels were intrigued and delighted by a new shelter that has appeared in our spot and this was the focus of play for the afternoon. Sticks were found to add to it and there was a lot of tool use to add to the home improvements.

We have played the Animal Game a few times with the Squirrels which helps them understand how ecosystems work with herbivores and predators/carnivores. Today we played the game slightly differently with the herbivores having to search a bigger area to find food and water without being eaten by the predators. The Squirrels enjoy the game and although being a predator is preferred everyone joins taking their turn as a herbivore.

We started sewing projects in sit spot. It is lovely to see everyone find their own spot to sit and sew. They are very content whether this is in a tree, under a bush or wherever they have chosen.

Connecting Questions

How did you make the teepee shelter better? What game were you playing there?

What do you like about the Animal Game?

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