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Grey Squirrels, 17 May

Grey Squirrels began work on carving spoons this week. They are all eager to use the knives, so a specific carving project to hone these skills, held their interest at length. Seeing the development of their skill with knife control and the dextrous strength required is rewarding for the children (and the teachers) and is a key learning objective at this age in forest school.

Student-led games were a feature of our class this week, with Olive teaching us all how to play "lava tag", mobilising the group to construct a path of logs to balance upon. This led to a conversation of game design as the group developed the game to make it more challenging.

With the rain, we erected a tarp shelter and relished playing in the rain. It was a lovely day, the group seemed to enjoy being back in our old space and taking advantage of the logs, ropes and trees to construct and create and enhance their play.

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