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Grey Squirrels, 15 March

Tire play, forts, puddles and mud! Grey squirrels took full advantage of the warm weather and melting snow. They made amazing mud kitchen creations...exclamations of the perfect texture were heard as they concocted their recipes. The puddles were the perfect playground for the boats we made and running and chasing games through the puddles lead to plenty of giggles and thrilling fun!

Grey squirrels are deeply absorbed in fort building, an activity which is rich with cooperation, strategy and collaboration. They are getting plenty of opportunity to extend their knowledge of tools and use the skills they have been developing in past classes to build strong structures that can hold weight and are stable.

The warm weather made it possible for some hand-sewing, Olive was thrilled to hone her fine motor skills working on an embroidered handbag,

Tires inspired some rocket-launching games and general rolling play and consideration of slope and how this affects the direction a tire rolls.

Moving around the Bluff through different spaces, with different environmental conditions and loose parts to utilize, is providing the class with varied inspiration for dynamic and absorbing play and experimentation. Meanwhile, pushing their boundaries of creativity, adaptability and social interaction with all members of the group. I can't wait to see what the warmer weather and melting snow will offer up and look forward to hearing about the adventures the class have over their Spring break. See you all back on the Bluff on Tuesday 22nd March!

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