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Coyotes, Sept 13

To start us off for the year we'll hear Hafsah's perspective on the Coyotes day.

I stepped a shaky foot onto the slackline and clenched so tight on the top rope that my palms burned. I took one step after another, mustering up the courage to look down. I was suspended more than 4 feet in the air, the rope bringing me along with it as it wiggled back and forth.

This week's class was truly a memorable one, with many comical events, such as Mika’s near faceplant and my spider-web grapes. Florence showed us how she made a beautiful necklace hanger out of a tree branch (thanks Florence!), and we got to work foraging for the perfect branch (and started a mini bidding-war). I’m excited to finish them next week!

We also carved mini planters out of corks and planted seeds in them. I found it a bit difficult to carve the cork at first, but it got easier as I worked at it. Perseverance always shines through!

Some of my favorite parts of the day were walking on the slackline (even though I was terrified and nearly fell off) and practicing our juggling. I look forward to another exciting week of forest school!

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