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Coyotes, Oct 4

This weeks coyote blog will be written by yours truly; Katie.

We had talk of Deer Stalking last week, so the day started with us coyotes (plus Ms. Dawn) stalking our prey- Ms. Lea. Using different tactics, and trying different techniques each round, had to have been my favourite part.

Next we had a round of Red Rover. I would hope to call this a class favourite, but there were some peers who aren’t too fond of the game. We did eventually find a way to work around this, adding special tasks and challenges for the contestants e.g. sing while running; run with your hands on your head (way more difficult than we thought it would be).

Later came our early sit-spot; I quite enjoyed this way of sit-spot. We listened for the noises around us and put them to paper. Literal drawings or in other “odd forms” of art, I hope Ms. Dawn can teach us more journaling in the future.

I must now mention our highlight of the day; The Mini Forest School Class. This was a blast meeting all of the children and playing games with them! Revenge tag; three legged race; coyote mouse. I hope to see more family’s joining us in the future!

Right when our Mini FS class was leaving, our attention was brought to a fire in the woods! The smoke was the first thing we noticed, and Ms. Lea called the Fire Department right away. It was amazing to see the Firefighters in action!

Thank you Katie! This class has been having amazing, causal discussions about body image, clothing, and being a girl...even though we didn't plan on having an 'all girls' class, it does create a different environment that the Coyotes are leaping in to. We will begin our exploration of leadership next week using the book, 7 habits for Highly Effective Teens, and a discussion on what our values are.

Next Coyote-led class: November 1st!

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