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Coyotes, Oct 11

Hey everyone, it’s me, Satya!

This week the Coyotes participated in an obstacle course the Rabbits made for us. They made swings and teeter totters and a fun game where we had to slingshot a ball through a hole in a piece of cardboard. We all really loved the swing they made!

Later, we played a game and went into pairs with one person playing the horse and the other playing the rider. Each pair had to follow the instructions being called out by Ms. Dawn – she would say things like, “horses go left” or “up” and we’d all follow her instructions to make our way back to our partners. We were laughing and sometimes falling on the ground trying to jump up on our partner’s back.

We also spent some time talking about the hike we are going on next week to the Heart Creek Bunker. We’re going to play games in the dark once we reach the bunker and we’re all bringing flashlights with us. Everyone is SUPER excited!

What I loved the most about this week was learning more sign language from Katie, doing macrame feathers and leaves during our free time and painting – some of us painted portraits, others painted animals.

I like that we’ve been getting to know each other more with each class and learning from each other. I can’t wait to explore the caves with everyone next week!

Thanks for reading,


Guess which Coyotes you can see painted above.

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