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Coyotes, May 25th

(Written by Katie Amberiadis: the Coyote will take turn writing the blog each week!)

Happy birthday Miss Meghan, and Miss Lea

Starting off the day with disguises, two strange, sketchy, mysterious men certainly caught the attention of everyone.

Well the Coyotes and Cottontails put their scheme into action, working together to capture, tie, and surprise the birthday teachers with dandelion cake and balloons from our special guest: Miss Jessie.

Then the coyotes moved onto making a zip line, it was definitely a team effort with everyone pitching in, I can’t say if it was a success or not? Depends on how you look at it, a good thing to ask your coyote about.

And after hiding from the young chickadee class in the foliage, the chickadees did the honor of testing out the zip line, it was a daring act but very worth it. We even had some customers come back for a second “joy ride”.

The Coyotes and Cottontails partook in the hoop game again this week, with some extravagant distractions, being: a fictional marriage! This newly wed couple caused quite the scene with their (balloon) children. unfortunately the (balloon) children did pass away, (or pop away) not too soon after their birth; as well as many other (balloon) children, due to wretched circumstances (or people) your coyote should be keen to tell you about.

This class finished up with collecting dandelion petals for some dandelion bread next week, and popsicle stick-tool making for soap carving. Which was not as easy as expected, I’m sure we will be back to challenge soap carving again.

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