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Coyotes, May 2

We continue our camping training with a hike, first aid scenarios and a compass activity involving finding ourselves on the map! Our mini Forest School was a huge success; there were new children, and old favourites, and we are getting better at noticing what is working and what isn't. We are excited for our grand finale in June!

There is a lot of information for the next two Tuesdays, so I'll put it here as well as in an email you received. Let us know if you have any questions!

Hello! Looking faaaar ahead in the forecast, we're going to give the May 15/16 camping dates a thumbs up! The daytime looks around 12 degrees, and the low looks to be just above zero, perfectly typical for this time of year!

May 9th and May 15-16th

For this Tuesday, can you please have your Coyote bring:

  • sleeping bag (Katie and Lucy for sure, others if they prefer their own bag)

  • Katie/Lucy, sleeping mats

  • Katie/Lucy, backpacks

  • bag of clothes you'll be bringing

  • toque, mitts, scarf/buff

  • any food you signed up for

If you will need your pack/items during the week, they can go home with you, and be brought back the following week. Please drop your Coyote off at the Cabin on May 9th, and on May 15th. Pick-up on May 9th is at the regular spot. Pick up on May 15th is at the Cabin. Note: if you signed up for perishable food (cheese and peppers) please hold on to those and bring them the following week. The tomato sauce and the salsa, please bring! We'll be dehydrating them.

The following week, Monday May 15th, please bring:

  • personal items (outerwear, (rain or winter, depending), toothbrush, comb, etc)

  • lunch for the day

  • snacks they signed up for

We will meet at 9 am on Monday May 15th. We'll pack the rest of the food and their items, and hit the road! We will return by 3 pm the following day.

We are bringing a SPOT device, which communicates via satellite. We will practice using this next Tuesday. You should receive three emails with three different messages. Please let us know if you didn't get them!

We can't wait! How are you all doing? If you need any questions answered, don't hesitate to ask! Thank you for your trust in us, and in your children!

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