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Coyotes, March 9

We enjoyed a wild assortment of physical and mental challenges today! From football (every Coyote for themselves - why were we so hot and tired?) to a physics challenge, we have diverse interests!

The cheerleading challenges continue to spark our imaginations. This time, we each had a role to play within the structure. Ask your child what their role was!

Two Morse Code machines helped us create and send some code, and even got the Cottontails involved!

Anika introduced a new challenge for us, involving a rope, a lot of weight, and a tree! There were a few ideas of how to solve the challenge, and one challenge was staying with the challenge until it was done! We will do this every week, at the end of class, with each one taking a turn at giving us a challenge. We look forward to observing your Coyote in the challenges!

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