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Coyotes, March 2

The Coyotes got more in to the cheer and balance poses this week. Starting with 3 people in a group they moved up to having 6 people in one position. When the Cottontails came over that was even better because they were lighter with good balance and could get in to the top positions. We had lots of spotters who were needed sometimes!

Katie led us through making baking soda and vinegar rockets. The first launch went sky high and then we were left wondering why the next launches didn't work. Was it too much vinegar? Not enough baking soda? A hole in the bottle? How would these affect the chemical reaction inside the rocket?

After a fun, chilly morning on the bluff we went to the cabin to meet Dori to learn about beading and to hear indigenous stories from her.

Connecting Questions

- What did you like about doing cheer?

- What changes did you make to the Trading Post?

- What was one thing you learned from Dori?

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