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Coyotes, Jan 5

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

We began with one Coyote, then two more were added to the pack, with a final Coyote joining us soon after - the fab four were together for a day of staying warm and building!

We began by joining up with the Cottontails for some sliding, then headed to the bike track for a fire under the parachute. We have some ideas of how to experiment with keeping it warm; a steam room using rocks or hot metal. We'll wait for a slightly warmer day to try it!

Back at the Cabin, some of us practiced some first aid scenarios, and some worked on their project idea. This group was part of the Plus group, so we slid into that time and worked on our sleds, using skis, wood and a chair to create what will be a kick sled! I loved seeing their problem solving abilities; figuring out what screw to use, how to get the nails out, ways to make the sled both faster and how to stop it well..these are ideas we'll play with in the future!

Connection Questions:

  • what strategy did you use to stay warm today?

  • what is the next step in your project?

  • What is one thing you remember from the first aid scenarios?

(I'm sorry, I didn't take any pictures today! Every time I took it out, someone needed something or I needed to help out...have them describe it to you!)

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