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Coyotes, Jan 26

There's not many photos today as the Coyotes spent a lot of the day camouflaged and hidden. We continued a game from last week called Deer Stalking. This time the Coyotes chose to be an animal and had to think what physical and behavioural adaptations the animal has to help it sneak up to the deer; it's super power. We had a range of species.

Deer Stalking led to stalking the Cottontail Rabbits class to spy on them, no battles today! Some of the Coyotes in camouflage clothing stayed hidden for a long time. They were patiently watching not moving as the Cottontails scanned their surroundings to find the Coyotes. A good observation game for both classes.

Connecting questions:

- What animal were you in the deer stalking game and what was your special power?

- How did you sneak up to spy on the Cottontails?

- Did you see the trading post? What could you make to trade with the Cottontails?

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