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Coyotes, Dec 7

Hello everybody, today was a very special day; we had our Mini Forest School!

That morning we started with rugby training, lots of drills, running, and technique practice.

We needed to get lots of training in, for that afternoon we played 4 way rugby- four teams of two, in a square, trying to score their goal.

My favourite part had to have been being the Referee; waving flags and calling out rules was especially fun!

At the cabin Anika prepared some first aid; sprained ankles and wrists. We even got to practise using compression wraps, and learnt acronyms- like R.I.C.E

(rest, immobilise, cold, elevate)

Next in the cabin Bridgette taught us ballet, this gave us a real glimpse at how difficult ballet really is. Especially a plié. Bridgette was very strict with us, making sure our ballet was mostly decent.

Then came time for our Mini Forest School, we weren't sure on who to expect but were pleasantly surprised with Ellies’ sisters; Emery, Macy, and Sydney showed up. It was my job to explain coyote mouse to them (or as we called it “polar bear seal’).

And super fun playing games like- Arctic Escape, Captains Coming (with a twist), and snow kitchen.

For our last hour we came on a mutual agreement for sledding! Going back to our favourite sledding hill was a great idea, even with not too much snow the grasses were slippery and fast. The jump had melted but we still found a way to do lots of crazy sledding.

And then we finished off the day with yummy gingerbread tea, and lots of chatting.

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