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Coyotes, Dec 20

Hi! Vita here, writing this week’s edition of FS Blog! First, we played three-way capture the flag.

It was really fun! I just wish we had more players. There were only two players on each team! After that, I got really cold. I couldn’t feel my fingers, or toes! I should have packed some Hotpaws, but I didn’t.

I went into the cabin early, while the rest of the Coyotes went to play at the park and bike track. Inside the cabin, was a bustle of activity and fun. The Rabbits were throwing paper airplanes, making popcorn garlands and sewing cardboard stars. After being warmed up by some hand warmers and hot tea (Thx Ms. Megan and Ms. Rikia!), I made a cardboard star. The my fellow Coyotes came inside! We had a snack, and watched the Rabbits wrestle. After our snack, we started playing some traditional Inuit games. I give you: THE KNUCKLEHOP; THE KNEEBOUNCER; THE POLEJUMP; THE BACKPUSH; THE BULLWRESTLE; AND THE ONE-HANDED KICK! Ask your Coyote for more info about these awesome games! Also, the names I’ve given here, are most definitely NOT traditional. I just made ‘em up. I’ve been practicing these a lot. I think I finally got the Knucklehop down! And I can do the Kneebouncer!

Well, anyway, after a lot of great Inuit games, we sat down to lunch. After lunch, we planned a bit for our next Mini Forest School, and then went outside and played rugby. But that’s pretty much it! Hope everyone had a merry Christmas! Bye!

Thank you Vita! We look forward to seeing everyone back January 10th!

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