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Coyotes, April 4

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

A few words from Mika:

Saying goodbye to Satya was the focus of the day. She will always be an honorary coyote and we will miss her a ton. We had a little surprise party in the cabin with some treats and cards. The coyotes also got to meet Ryan at our mini forest school and play some games afterwards with her. In a way it was a day of endings and new beginnings.

We had plenty of problems to solve so we could make our final pewter pieces.

- how do we split a flexible stick to hold a spoon?

- how do we break up the pewter ingots?

- how do we attach a foil tray to a stick without it tipping?

Ask your Coyote how we solved these issues. Are they pleased with how their pewter art came out?

At lunch we had a surprise leaving party for Satya. Wishing you a great adventure in Vancouver - you will be missed.

Would you agree Coyotes it was the most successful Mini-Forest School yet? How can we make it even better in May? Get thinking!

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