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Coyotes, April 11

Today you are getting the perspective of...a teacher!! Ms. Lea here, to write about how proud Ms. Dawn and I are of all of you! Thank you to the parents for coming to the camping meeting; you must have noticed how prepared, how confident, and how capable your children are! This group far exceeds our expectations of their leadership capabilities; they work together like a dream, they plan like a CEO and know how to have fun like a ...well, a forest school teacher!

We had more time today to work on our mission statements; each Coyote is making a goal or a statement for how they want to be, (who they want to be) in these last months of Forest School. If your Coyote would like to share, you can ask them what theirs is.

Connection Questions:

  • what is the thing you are are most worried about, for the camping trip (there has to be something!)

  • what has been the most fun so far in planning for it?

  • how was the hike, for you? What would you do differently next time?

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