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Cottontails, Oct 27

Todays class was a little spooky!! We played Halloween themed games to warm up, zombie ant and handshake murder. Zombie ant requires the one team to work together and strategize, after a couple round we started to see some good teamwork and communication happening! The Cottontails have also become such zipline masters that they need very little guidance or help setting it up, they can see the problem (like dragging on the ground) and make the appropriate changes! Ask your cottontails if they are one of the zipline creators or prefer just to use it once its all set up!

Then we set up a minefield full of fun things, pigs blood (jello), ducks feet, raw eggs and mouse traps! The task was to walk through unscathed ...blindfolded. the Cottontails picked a trusted partner to guide them through the minefield to safety. It was great to see the different communication techniques, some knew left and right while others had to get more creative.

Did you Cottontail try the blind folded walk? did they step on anything? did they enjoy being guided more or doing the guiding?

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