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Cottontails, Nov 3

Thank you for the pumpkins! There was lots of fun and creativity as the pumpkins were carved, cut up, smashed and turned into grenades'. We Started off class with our new favorite game zombie ant and the cottontails are becoming better and teamwork to achieve their goals. This class many of the cottontails had good ideas about how to change or improve the game, after everyone shared we were able to implement, an extra life and a timer so that either the ants or the parasite could win. Ask your child which idea they added and if they liked the new and improved game better then the original?

During free time the Cottontails broke into pumpkin carving, smashing creating group, trying out different tools and being creative with their destruction. While other group continued to play Zombie ant. Eventually everyone merged together in a group play, with watch guards, weapons maybe secret plans. Ask you child what there role was in the group game? weapons maker? guard? some other role?

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