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Cottontails, Nov 10

We tried some new games this morning and the Cottontails were all in! We played monkey ball, card tag and a name game/passing game. The cottontails continue to show good sportsmanship whether they lose or win which makes the game even more fun! We had to race against ourselves in the name game and won by 3 seconds, I look forward to increasing the difficulty next class and seeing if the cottontails rise to the occasion!

During free time, some of the cottontails made pumpkin bombs while others scouted/spied on the other forest school class, the Coyotes. Eventually this lead to an ambush which the Coyotes were prepared for as they have been building lots of weapons. Although this did lead to one of the Coyotes getting hurt, some great learning came of the battle.

The Cottontails wrote a note, apologizing for injuring a Coyote, and that they would love to battle again with some safety rules/guidelines in place. This lead to a few Coyotes visiting and offering to teach the Cottontails sword fighting which is safe and fun! We were able to talk about the importance of having safety guidelines in place when playing certain games and brainstorm some for next time. Ask your child how they felt the battle went? were they apart of it? did they have fun? was it sad to see the injured Kid? Was there something they will do differently next time?

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