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Cottontails, March 30

The Cottontails were in full construction mode this week - when presented with the chance to make their own utility belts with holsters for the stick weapons they've carved and pouches for the treasures they collect the Cottontails did that, and more: cutting out belts, sewing pouches, taping together cardboard holsters, and inventing new containers, from backpacks to back sheaths.

There was also the creation of a rope swing and a camoflauged fort that inspired plenty of fun. Not to mention the hiding of not one, but two Coyote flags that the class had gotten their paws on.

This led to a lot of visits from the Coyotes who were searching for their flags, and the day continued as it often does with free play between the classes. The Coyotes had an upgraded bottle rocket experiment to share with us and we ended the day with a series of exciting rocket launches.

Connecting questions:

  • What did you create this week and do you have ideas for anything else you'd like to make?

  • Do you have any thoughts or questions about how the bottle rocket worked? Is there a Coyote, another Cottontail, or a teacher you could talk to about your theories?

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