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Cottontails, Mar 16

What a beautiful morning for forest school! The Coyotes offered to help teach the cottontails how to make slingshots in exchange for their flag that we happen to have found. Everyone paired up and the Coyotes did a great job helping with the building. We made rolled up cloth ammunition and practiced our sling shot ! However the Coyotes had one more surprise for us and if the Cottontails wanted to they could walk/run through the "alley of death" avoiding being hit by marshmallows from the Coyotes sling shots! After we did the challenge we got to trade places and shoot marshmallows at the Coyotes!

Ask your Cottontails who they were paired up with and if they were brave enough to walk the alley of death!

During free time we brain stormed ideas on how to get the Coyotes flags down and activities that we could share with the Coyotes for next class.

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